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State Law, Legislation and Regulations: Debates/Votes

Guide to Tennessee and other States

House & Senate Journals

House and Senate journals [of the (no.) General Assembly]

The Journals do not provide a verbatim record of proceedings.They include the text of bills and resolutions as introduced, committee substitutions for original bills, rule changes, and votes.
Voting records are included in the text as yeas and nays.

House Journal - current session - House Journal - archives 1869/70-
Senate Journal -current session - Senate Journal - archives 1995/96-
Annual bound volumes. J87.T2 Stacks 1970-current
Special Collections 1790-1899; Preservation 1900-1969; Microfilm 1794-1842, 1855/56


    • Floor Debates

Legislative remarks on the floor of the House or Senate by legislators regarding the passage of a bill are considered floor action. This floor action is useful in establishing the purpose and possible impact of a bill. Most often discussion occurs in committee sessions rather than on the floor.

Audio recordings are made of the proceedings of the General Assembly. For tapes, 1955+ contact the State Library and Archives.





How can I see how someone voted?

Votes on bills are included with the information on the bill.
Select "legislation" from the Tennessee General Assembly then search by bill number or keyword to find the bill. For bills from previous legislative sessions select "Archives"

Streaming Video from House & Senate