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Finding Social Science Data for Research

Selected data resources categorized by academic discipline

Requesting Restricted Data

To request a restricted data you need to:

  • Connect with OIT to get access to their secure enclave
  • Get IRB approval
  • Complete a data use agreement (DUA) with the data archive/repository (most usually ICPSR)

Use ICPSR's page for navigating around restricted data for additional assistance in understanding the process. 

About OIT's Secure Enclave

The secure enclave should satisfy the security requirements of the data use agreement with most data archives/repositories (like ICPSR). OIT can also assess if UT vault is secure enough, or if the secure enclave needs to be used instead. For assistance and questions about the secure enclave, you can submit an OIT Helpdesk ticket

About the IRB Application

If you have questions, and don't where to start with your restricted data request, send an email like the following to

I'm a graduate student, my supervisor will be the PI, how do I get started with an IRB application for restricted secondary data? (Link ICPSR study)


 For the application process:

  • Submit as XP category 5
  • Request a waiver of consent in the application
  • Select "NO" for the recruitment section (1600) of the application
  • Include a confidentiality agreement for PI and research staff
  • Make sure you know who from OIT you'll need to include on the application
  • Ask the IRB staff for help if you have any questions!

Example from ICPSR for how to start a restricted data request

Arrow pointing to Access Restricting Data icon

To start the application, you must first create a ICPSR account. If you already have an account, click on "Access Restricted Data" on the study page after you have IRB approval. 

Screenshot of ICPSR restricted data application home page

Start a new request for ICPSR data and download the agreement. 

Screenshot of ICPSR restricted data application navigation screen

It must be signed by a representative from the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). Once you are ready for your DUA to be signed, email your request to and they will handle getting the agreement signed. ICPSR will let you know when they need someone with signatory ability for UT.