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Equipment Checkout in the Commons:Equipment Checkout Commons South

Description of the equipment available for checkout and loan periods at the Equipment Desk in the Commons South at Hodges Library.


The Public Services Equipment Desk in the South Commons of the John C. Hodges Library has a variety of equipment available for UT students from laptops & scanners to digital audio recorders & camcorders and everything in between. Most of the Commons Equipment is purchased using Student Technology Fees which allows only students of the University to check out these items.

We provide equipment to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville students in order to assist in the advancement of their technological knowledge and awareness as well as the betterment of their educational experience.  Our goal is to make sure the students at UT are provided with some of the most effective equipment available to our department, in order to assist the students with proficiency and excellence in classes which require the usage of equipment we circulate.  

Bring your UT ID to the Equipment Desk in the Commons South at Hodges Library to checkout equipment.

On the Agriculture Campus?  Learn about technology resources at Pendergrass Library

Fees: Most late equipment (All 4-hour equipment and some 3-day equipment, i.e. tripods, microphones, etc.) accrues a fee of $0.25 per hour with the exception of cameras, digital recorders, and lighting kits that have a flat $20.00 late fee.



Monday-Thursday - 24 hours
Friday - closes at midnight
Saturday - 10am-midnight
Sunday - opens at 10am

See hours on Library site for holidays and exceptions

28 Digital Video Cameras

Click here to check camcorder availability.
Select the type of digital camcorder under description. 
Check out for 
3 Days with a $20.00 flat late fee.

5 Canon 32GB VIXIA HF R52 Full HD Camcorder


9 Sony HDR-PJ340 16GB Flash Memory (with built-in projector)

5 Sony HDR-CX430V 32GB Flash Memory

6 Sony HDR-XR260V 160GB Flash Memory

3 GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition MicroSD Camcorders
(with chest strap, head strap, hand grip, and suction attachment)

16 Digital Audio Recorders

Click here to check sound recorder availability.  
Select the type of digital sound recorder under description. 
Check out for 3 Days with a $20.00 flat late fee. 

9 TASCAM TEAC DR-100mk Recorders

7 Tascam DR-40 4-Track Handheld Digital Audio Recorders

4 Lighting Kits

Click here to check light kit availability 

Check out for 3 Days with a $20.00 flat late fee. 

4 IKAN iLED312-v2 2-Light Kits

9 Microphones

Check out for 3 Days with a $0.25 /hour late fee. 

5 Audio Technica Pro63 Cardoid Dynamic Instrument Microphones (handheld)

1 MXL USB.006 Microphone with table stand

3 Audio Technica AT897 Boom Mic with pole

73 Loaner Laptops

Click here to check laptop availability
Select the type of laptop under description. 
Check out for 
4 Hours with a $0.25 /hour late fee. 

11 Dell Latitude E5420's

9 Dell Latitude E5430's

20 Dell Latitude E5540's

MacBook Air 11-inch, Mid 2011's


24 Dell Latitude E6230's



Check out for 4 Hours with a $0.25 /hour late fee. 

Sennheiser HD201


Sennheiser HD202

Scanners, Projectors, Calculators

Mac Video Adapters

Not sure which one you need?  Check here.

  • MiniDisplayPort to HDMI
  • MiniDisplayPort to VGA

External Storage

  • CD/DVD Burner - USB

Laptop Power Adapters

Not sure what adapter you need for your mac?  Check here.

  • Apple 85W MagSafe AC Power Adapter
  • Apple 85W MagSafe 2 AC Power Adapter
  • Dell 90W AC Power Adapter (Model: LA90PE1-01) - (Currently Out of Rotation)
  • HP 90W Smart AC Power Adapter
  • HP 4.5mm to 7.4mm converter 

Cables and Accessories

USB Cables

  •    USB extension
  •    USB A to USB micro B (For Scanners Only)
  •    USB A to USB mini B
  •    Panasonic USB Cable
  •    USB to Apple 30-pin

Firewire Cables

  •    4 pin to 4 pin
  •    4 pin to 9 pin
  •    4 pin to 6 pin
  •    6 pin to 6 pin
  •    6 pin to 9 pin
  •    9 pin to 9 pin

Audio/Video Cables

  •    1/8" audio extension (male to female)
  •    1/8" audio male to male
  •    1/8" audio Y cable 1 male to 2 female (headphone splitter)
  •    S-Video cable
  •    RCA component cable
  •    HDMI to mini HDMI
  •    HDMI to micro HDMI
  •    HDMI to HDMI
  •    HDMI to VGA
  •    RCA 1/8" to Audio and Video
  •    RCA Audio only
  •    RCA Audio to 1/8" cable
  •    VGA to VGA cable


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