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Government Information: Federal, State & Local: About Federal Publications

A guide to finding federal, state and foreign government information.

SuDocs Classification

Superintendent of Documents classification (SuDocs) numbers are assigned by the  U.S. Government Printing Office to all official government publications.  This system arranges materials by issuing agency, not by subject. 
Below is a brief outline of the SuDocs system. Click here for a detailed explanation.

A          Agriculture 
AE       National Archives
C         Commerce
C 3      Census Bureau
CR      Civil Rights Commission
CS      Civil Service Commission
D         Defense 
E         Energy
ED       Education
EP       Environmental Protection 
FR       Federal Reserve 
FT       Federal Trade Comm.        
FTZ     Federal Trade Zone Board
GA      Government Accountability 
GP      Government Printing Office
GS      General Services 
HE      Health and Human Services 
HH      Housing and Urban 
I           Interior
I 19      U.S. Geological Survey
IC        Interstate Commerce Comm.
J         Justice
Ju       Judiciary
L         Labor 
LC       Library of Congress
LR       National Labor Relations Bd.
NA       National Academy of 
NAS     National Aeronautics & 
            Space Adm.
NS       National Science Foundation
P         United States Postal Service
PE       Peace Corps
Pr        President of United States
PrEx    Executive Office of the 
S          State Department
SBA     Small Business 
SE       Securities and Exchange 
SI        Smithsonian Institution
T         Treasury Department
T 22    Internal Revenue Service
TD      Transportation Department
VA       Veterans Administration
X & Y   Congress
X         Congressional Record
           House & Senate Journals
Y 1     Congressional Reports and 
Y 4     Congressional Hearings

Federal Depository Library Program

 The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) was established by Congress to ensure that the American public has access to government  information created at taxpayers' expense.The authority for the FDLP is found in 44 United States Code §§1901‐1616.

UT Libraries was designated a land-grant selective depository library for U.S. Government Documents publications in 1907.The current selection rate is approximately 30 percent of the publications in the List of Classes that are made available to participating depository libraries. UT selections are primarily digital format.

Other Knoxville depositories are:

The regional depository library for the state of Tennessee is located at the The University of Memphis.

Finding Government Documents

The UT Libraries' Online Catalog is the place to begin a search for government publications held by or made accessible by the library. As with other library materials, the catalog shows specific formats and locations for government publications. Search by title, author, subject. SuDocs classification searching is available on the ONESEARCH Browse page.  You can use the pull down menu and choose SUDOC Call Number.

See the Government Documents page at:

Print and cd/dvd, government documents shelved by SuDocs number are located in the Storage collection in the Hoskins Library. These materials may be borrowed for regular loan periods. Some Pre-1976 government documents held in the Libraries' collection may not accessible in the online catalog. The shelf list card file in Research Services, is used to verify holdings for uncataloged documents held in Hoskins Storage. It may also be necessary to check print indexes or databases to locate the correct citation in order to find documents published before July 1976. 

Microfiche, and pamphlets (20 pages or under) shelved by SuDocs  number  - are located in Hoskins Library, Storage, Reading room area. 

Print documents with Library of Congress classification are located in the Hodges Library general collection on the stacks floors, in Reference, or in Hoskins Library Storage.

Department of Agriculture publications (except for Food & Nutrition Service publications) are  located in the Agriculture-Veterinary Medicine Library

Maps/cartographic materials are located in Map Services.

Librarians are available at the Research Services desk in the Commons to assist with identifying government materials in collections at all locati

Collection Tools

FDLP Digital Depository

Government Document Resource Links

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