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Audience: UTK Veterinary College

Lists of books for courses years 1-4, + other teaching and research support

Optimizing the poster creation and presentation process by Mike Morrison

#betterposter v.2  launched July 13, 2020  @mikemorrison

#betterposter v.1  launched March 2019  @mikemorrison

Better Poster #1 Launched March 24, 2020 by @mikemorrison


If you have inDesign software, you can generate a QR code with more privacy.  See Linkedin Learning tutorial for how-to (Adding a QR code From the course: Designing a Business Card by Nigel French).  LinkedIn Learning is the technical training suite of tutorials from UTK OIT.  Login with your NETID and Password.

 Mike Morrison uses  I asked.

Please See @mikemorrison for latest enhancements....


April 13, 2019: 



3MT:  Are you in a  3 Minute Thesis competition? 

Screenshot from @mikemorrison (from 5/25/2019)




Screenshot from @mikemorrison (July 14, 2019):

Nov 2019

Cognitive scientist @mattcrump has fun with #betterposter

"Muriah Umoquit, Communications and Analytics Officer in the Cochrane Knowledge Translation department spoke with Mike Morrison, a Ph.D. candidate in organizational psychology at Michigan State University. Mike has worked with Cochrane to create conference poster templates that Cochrane members can use at the upcoming Cochrane Santiago colloquium and at other conferences they attend." (2019)

Submit a poster print job:

Get help with poster creation, if in the College of Veterinary Medicine and you are faculty, resident or intern

For Faculty and Residents, and Interns:

Deborah (Deb) Haines, MFA, CMI, FAMI 

865 974 0989 

Medical Illustrator | Design Specialist   

College of Veterinary Medicine

Don't pay for access OR spend a lot of time trying to get access, AskUs!

Jeanine Williamson  |   Veterinary Librarian (interim)

Jeffrey Hines         |  |  Evening Supervisor

Primary contacts for veterinary medicine @ Pendergrass Library



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