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Research Posters

Poster sessions in classes and at conferences are a way to visually convey research. This guide offers the basics in design, content, and printing resources.

Step-by-step guide to posters

 Printing @ UT Libraries

Follow these steps to print a research poster.

 Submit a poster request 

Fill out the online form to request a print at The Studio at Hodges Library or at Pendergrass Library.

 Using PowerPoint

Design a poster using a UT template or your own PowerPoint slide.

 What is a research poster?

Learn the basics of what to expect at a poster session.

 Content & typography

What to include in a poster and how to write it in a compelling way.

 Images & visualizations

Where to download images, how to cite them, and more.

 Presenting your poster

Come up with an awesome lightning talk to go along with a poster.

 Examples & rubric

Inspiration and ideas for making posters better.

 Getting credit & archiving

Sign up for ORCID and TRACE to help others learn about your research.

 More resources

Links to helpful library guides, design tools, and tips for posters in the sciences.

Consultation Resources

The Studio and Pendergrass Library both offer consultations to assist in design projects. To set up your appointment with either Studio or Pendergrass follow the directions below.

Request a consultation on the Studio's website.
The Studio also offers virtual office hours through their chat service: Monday - Friday: 11 am - 1 pm, Sunday - Thursday: 5pm - 7pm.

Pendergrass Library
Request a consultation via Pendergrass's online appointment portal.

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