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Research Posters

Poster sessions in classes and at conferences are a way to visually convey research. This guide offers the basics in design, content, and printing resources.

Get credit for research - Sign up for ORCID!

ORCID logo

To disambiguate yourself from other researchers and get full credit for your work, we recommend signing up for an ORCID ID.  Remember to include your ORCID ID on a poster and add poster information to your ORCID profile.


TRACE (Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange) is the University of Tennessee's digital archive that showcases and preserves published and unpublished works by students, faculty, departments, and research centers. Free online access to TRACE makes UT research, scholarship, and service discoverable anywhere in the world.

To archive a poster on TRACE:

1. Create an account.

2. Visit the Submit Items to TRACE page and choose your department.

Benefits to archiving in TRACE:

  • Long term preservation and increased exposure to your work.
  • Future members of our academic community can build off the questions you asked in your research.
  • Receive a permanent URL that can be used in your resume.
  • Your work will be indexed in Google. This helps establish your reputation as a scholar!
  • See the number of downloads for your work while contributing to the record of UT scholarship.