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Foreign Government Information: Gt.Britain

Resources for locating government information for foreign governments

Parliament Online

UK Parliament (general site)
 House of Commons 
 House of Lords
 House of Lords Publication Online

Selected Official Documents-Great Britain many published by the Stationary Office before 2005.


British Official Publications (BOPCRIS) 1688-1995  
Search official documents, Parliamentary papers, journals and other non-HMSO materials.

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) 1701-1800  
Use to access books and government documents published in the United Kingdom.

19th Century Masterfile (NCM) 1786-1925
Indexes: Cobett's Parliamentary History of England (1066-1803); Hansard's Index to Debates, House of Commons (1803-1830); Hansard's Index to Debates, House of Lords (1803-1830).

British Parliamentary Papers
 1990-2005  CD-ROM 
Index to the papers, debates, and journals of both houses of Parliament. 
Note: Available in Map Services on the ground floor, Hodges Library.

General Reference

Parliamentary History (online) 1982-
Current research and articles on the history of parliamentary institutions in the British Isles and colonies from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century.

Parliamentary History of England from the Earliest Period to the Year 1803. v.1-36 J301.H15

Select List of British Parliamentary Papers, 1955-1964 and1833-1899.
J301.M3 Hodges Stacks
A Breviate of Parliamentary Papers, 1917-1939
Hodges Stacks JN549.F6

A Guide to British Government Publications
J301.R62 Hoskins Storage

British National Bibliography.
Z2001.B75 1950-2011 Hodges Stacks and Hoskins Storage

Catalogues and Indexes of British Government Publications, 1920-1970. 5 vols.
J301.C38 1974. Hodges Stacks

HMSO Catalogue
 (various titles)  - J301.G69
Storage 1972-2001 
Includes all Parliamentary papers, bills, and Acts.

London Gazette 
J7.G6 - 1966-1979

Stationery Office Agency Catalogue -  
Z6463.G78 Hodges Stacks 1986-2004

Historical Sources

Parliamentary Papers (Sessional Papers)
The records and working papers of Parliament. They include public bills, house papers, committee reports, accounts and command papers presented to each session of Parliament.

House of Commons: J301.J6 - 1731-1979; Indexes: 1696-1900 Hoskins Storage Microcard
House of Commons:J301.J61979-2006 Hoskins Storage Microfiche
Divisions of the House of Commons. Session. J301 .K84 Hodges stacks 1969/1970-1976/1977

House of Lords: J301.J63 - 1940/41-1975/76 Hoskins Storage Microcard
House of Lords: J301.J6: 1979-2006 Hoskins Storage Microfiche
House of Lords - J301.J62 1969-1977 Hodges Stacks 
1940-1976 Storage Microcard

British Parliamentary Papers 1990-2005  CD-ROM Index available in Commons Studio Reference, Hodges 
Index to the papers, bills, debates, and journals of both houses of Parliament            

Irish University Press Series of British Parliamentary Papers. General Index. 8 vols.
Hoskins Storage stacks: J301 .I74 1968
Contents: 1. 1696-1834. Hansard’s Catalogue.--2. 1801-1852. Reports of select committees.--3. 1801-1852. Accounts and papers.--4. 1852-1869. Bills, reports, estimates, accounts, and papers.--5. 1801-1852. Bills, printed by order of the House of Commons.--6. 1870-1879. Bills, reports, estimates, accounts, and papers.--7. 1880-1889. Bills, reports, estimates, accounts, and papers.--8. 1890-1899. Bills, reports, estimates, accounts, and papers.

Public legislation placed before the Parliament. Private bills relating to personal affairs are not part of the sessional papers.
Bills included in: Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) 1701-1800 

Bills included in: Parliamentary Papers (House of Commons and Command) Public Bills 
J301.K53 1976/77 Hodges Stacks
                   1968/69-1975/76 Hoskins Storage Stacks

Private Business. Public Bill List.. House of
J301.K5  1969/70-1976/77 Hodges Stacks

Public Bills, Miscellaneous Minutes & Proceedsing, Private Business & Public bills
Included in: J301.J6 and J301.J62 (see above)

Command Papers
A category of sessional papers that do not originate in Parliament, but are presented to it "by command of His or Her Majesty."

British Command Papers : A Numerical Finding List 1962/63-1976/77
Reference J301.M3 1833-1976/77

[Papers by command].Command Papers Series.
Hodges Stacks: J301.H5 cmnd. 1929-1970 (scattered nos. 3909-4320)

House of Commons and Command - J301.J53 
1976/77 Hodges Stacks
1968/69-1975/76 Hoskins Storage Stacks
Last volume for each session has index to the session.

Record of what is said in Parliament. Often called Cobbett's (1803-1811) and Hansard (1812-1891) after the first publishers. Verbatim  and official records begin in1909. 

Parliamentary Debates (Authorized edition) ,1st-4th series.
Hoskins Storage: J301.H22 V.1-199,1803-1908

The Parliamentary Debates (Hansard), House of Lords Official Report.
Hodges Stacks: J301.J22 v.1-536,1909 - 1991/92 
Special Collections v. 122
Indexed in: 19th Century Masterfile (NCM) 1786-1925

Parliamentary Debates (Hansard). House of Commons Official Report
Parliamentary Debates (official report) House of Commons
  1909-1968/69  V. 1-789   Hoskins Storage Preservation
                    1969/70-1992/93  Hodges Stacks

Indexed in: 19th Century Masterfile (NCM) 1786-1925

House of Lords. Minutes of Proceedings

J301.J8 1969-1977 Hodges Stacks

House of Commons. Votes and Proceedings
J301.K82  1969/70 - 1974/75 Hoskins Storage
Compiled from the minute books kept by the Clerk of the House.

House of Commons. Notice of Motions and Orders of the Day.
J301 .K83 1969/70-1974/75 Hoskins Storage

Official account of the proceedings of Parliament.

House of Commons. Journals
J301.K3 V.1-155, 1547-1900 Hoskins Storage Microcard.
Includes General Index

Journals of the House of Commons [electronic resource]. From November the 26th, 1778, ... to March the 24th, 1784, ...
Use the library catalog to link to collection in the database Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)

For Public General Acts and Halsbury's Statutes of England and Wales, consult the Law Library's catalog.

Reports from Committees of the House of Commons, 1715-1801, printed but not inserted in the Journals of the House 1803-1806.
J301.K56 V.1-15. Storage Microfilm.
J301.K56 Index Reference

Reports, Account, and Papers
J301.K53 1976/77 Hodges Stacks
Hoskins Storage Stacks

General Index to the Bills, Reports and Papers printed by order of the House of Commons and to the Reports and Papers presented by command, 1900-1948/49.
J301.G74 1960 Hodges Stacks.

Royal Commissions - Reports 
A category of sessional papers that present findings of research or investigations.
Check the catalog for access e.g. Great Britain. Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts.

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