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Music Library Technology: Equipment Guidelines

This is a guide to the technology available to patrons of the George F. DeVine Music Library.



We serve the UTK community. To check out equipment, you must have a valid UTK ID, less than $5.00 in fines, and no overdue recalls. Equipment is lent to an individual who assumes the financial risk for the complete equipment set until all equipment is returned.

Equipment availability

Equipment is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do not have a reservation system for Music Library equipment. Call 865-974-3474 to check on availability.

Equipment usage

Equipment is available for curricular and extra-curricular purposes. Equipment may be used both on-campus and off-campus. All patrons are expected to adhere to all computing policies as described at Policies. UTK Libraries assumes no liability for misuse of borrowed equipment.

Tech support 

Borrowers are responsible for knowing how to use the equipment. Some tech support is available at the Music Library. The Studio at Hodges Library offers additional multimedia support, as well as a larger selection of equipment and services.

Equipment return

All equipment must be returned to a staff member at the service desk. Student tech fees pay for the laptops. Please take care of them. When equipment is returned, staff will inspect all equipment for visual damage or missing items. Patrons are financially liable for any missing cables or components.

Loan period

Most equipment has a 1-Day loan period. However, the loan period for laptops is 6 hours. Laptops may be re-checked out one time at the service desk, if no other patron is waiting to check one out. Otherwise, laptops may be checked out once per day.


.25/hour (that we're open), starting with a .25 fine 1 minute after the item is due. Equipment, including laptops, is declared "lost" 48 hours past the time when it is due and charges will be placed on your account. All Library privileges are suspended until the item is returned and the charges are paid.

Damaged equipment fees

Borrowers are financially liable for any items not returned on time or returned requiring repair or replacement. All fines related to repair and replacement costs will be charged to the person who checked out the equipment. Fines are payable by credit or debit card, Vol card, or check at Hodges Circulation Desk. We cannot take funds in the Music Library.