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Veterinary Medicine

Guide to books for courses by year, plus publishing, pre-veterinary career information, access after leaving UTK, etc.

Tools to get the PDF



    Don't use SCI-HUB.

    SCI-HUB  "Hosts material without regard to copyright"



SCI-HUB is not the solution to access to full-text. 

SCI-HUB is a symptom that the scholarly communication system does not serve scholars or readers: it is not affordable, not equitable, and not innovative.

There are notable exceptions:  PeerJ and the ECS Free the Science.

Solutions include:


Web of Science, Endnote, other Clarivate services 

feature the Kopernio plugin, 

prompting users to install Kopernio to get the PDF.









Before installing Kopernio consider:  

  • the Kopernio terms of use and privacy policies are contradictory

  • Kopernio may pull the PDF from sources that do not comply with copyright
  • Kopernio requests users’ UTK NetID and Password







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