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Audience: UTK Veterinary College

Lists of books for courses years 1-4 + support for interns, residents, and alumni

This page is curated by veterinary librarian Ann Viera as a service to veterinary students.

Inclusion criteria:  I  select what I think is relevant and supportive in order to save students' time.  For example, practice consolidation is a major issue in veterinary medical practice, so since 2016 I've included links to information about consolidations.

This page is checked once or twice a year and sources are added as I find them.  Suggestions welcome.

annviera(AT) or 865-974-9014   October  2019

Is the practice up for sale?

Source:     Date: 4/29/2018

"Federation of Independent Veterinary Practices. We promote and support the work and values of independent veterinary practices."

See below for information on consolidations in veterinary medicine.

Job Listings: Associations, State & National Government

AVMA Career Center

AAEP Career Center (Equine) (

AAVMC Careers in Veterinary Medicine  (

AAWV Am Assoc Wildlife Veterinarians, Employment Opportunities  (

APHIS--Animal Plant Inspection Service Careers

ASLAP Job Postings American Assocociation of Lab Animal Practitioners (

Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians (

U.S. Army Veterinary Corps (

USDA-FSIS Food Safety Inspection Service

State Veterinary Associations--see Classifieds Section for the state(s) where you want to work--classifieds or employment opportunities are open to member or non-members.


Job listings from Recruiters, Corporations, Employment Agencies, Practice Magazine Web sites reviews of companies

Glassdoor was reviewed in the January 22 2018 issue of the New Yorker.  They post reviews of companies.

You might want to use it to see if there are any reviews of veterinary companies or practices prior to an interview.

Glassdoor Company Reviews

CONSOLIDATIONS IN VETERINARY MEDICINE--third party owned or doctor-corporate partnerships

Find up-to-date info. about this topic on veterinary news sites including: VIN News Service, DVM360, and Veterinary Practice News, JAVMA News (freely available) and letters in JAVMA (access only by subscription).  Suggested search words:  consolidators or consolidations, buyout or buyouts

Below are links to articles about

1/ corporations buying independent local veterinary practices (called consolidators or consolidating) and/or about working in or transitioning to corporate veterinary practice.

2/ or another corporate business model:  doctor-corporate partnerships, like Veterinary Practice Partners.

European/UK articles:

Books and other resources: Most career books are shelved in call number area SF756.

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