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Veterinary Medicine: Students' Guide

Course-level guides to veterinary resources for years 1-4 reviews of companies

Glassdoor was reviewed in the January 22 2018 issue of the New Yorker.  They post reviews of companies.

You might want to use it to see if there are any reviews of veterinary companies or practices prior to an interview.

Glassdoor Company Reviews

Job Listings: Associations, State & National Government

AVMA Career Center--newly redesigned 10/2017

AAEP Career Center (Equine) (

AAVMC Careers in Veterinary Medicine  (

AAWV Am Assoc Wildlife Veterinarians, Employment Opportunities  (

APHIS--Animal Plant Inspection Service Careers

ASLAP Job Postings American Assocociation of Lab Animal Practitioners

Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians (

U.S. Army Veterinary Corps (

USDA-FSIS Food Safety Inspection Service

State Veterinary Associations--see Classifieds Section

Where to find news about corporations buying veterinary practices and working for a corporation

Find up-to-date info. about this topic on 3 of the main veterinary news sites: VIN News Service, DVM360, and Veterinary Practice News. 

Below are links to articles about corporations buying independent local veterinary practices (called consolidators or consolidating) and/or about working in or transitioning to corporate veterinary practice.

European/UK articles:

Resumes/Vitas, Job sites, Financial planning, mentoring

Books and other resources: Most career books are shelved in call number area SF756.

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