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Audience: UTK Veterinary College

Lists of books for courses years 1-4 + support for interns, residents, and alumni

Library support for meeting the AVMA clinical competency 9:

"Searching effectively for and critically appraising evidence applicable to clinical and diagnostic cases"

1 video, 2 articles on how to read (critically Appraise) a paper (quickly to see if it Applies to the clinical question you have Asked)

5 key skills of evidence-based veterinary medicine

Ask, Acquire, Appraise, Apply, Assess are the five key skills of evidence-based veterinary medicine. The first three skills will be discussed on this guide.

ASK: Asking an answerable clinical question

ACQUIRE: where to search for veterinary clinical information

Suggested list of databases / information services to search to acquire evidence to answer clinical questions that arise in practice.


  • Develop a list of databases to search based on your practice focus, access to databases, and experience searching for evidence.
  • If your go-to database has a subscription fee, include that in your employment contract negotiations.