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Guide to books for courses by year, plus publishing, pre-veterinary career information, access after leaving UTK, etc.

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Primary veterinary contacts @Pendergrass and our hours:

 9 - 4  M-F @Pendergrass 

 Email evenings/weekends

Ann Viera 

Veterinary Librarian 



10 - 4    Sunday

  2 - 10  Mon-Thurs

Jeffrey Hines 

Evening Supervisor




Point- of- care clinical information services: differences, why use them, and interviewing tip

VetStream UT has a subscription (12/2019)

Peer review instead of taxonomy to rate evidence. 

No date when topics were reviewed (will add in future).

VetCompanion     UT has a subscription

Uses a taxonomy to rate levels of evidence.

All topics have last reviewed dates.

26,000 clinical components

Dogs and cats, rabbits, exotics, bovine, equine,

1000 client handouts, plus videos, photos

281 clinical topics, dogs and cats only--plans to include more

species in future--drug information and 150 client handouts from


Founded in 2005, offices in the U.K., larger company.  1000

reviewers. Partnerships with AABP, AAEP, WSAVA.

Founded in 2015, offices in the U.S; 9 reviewers.

Why use VetStream or VetCompanion? To excel at "Scientifc literature gathering and assessment"

Source: 2018 UT CVM Clinical Assessment Rubric

Interviewing Tip:  Ask about VetStream and Vetcompanion 

  • Ask whether the practice has a subscription to VetStream or VetCompanion.
  • If not, please consider asking that the subscription cost be included in the employment contract.
  • Rationale: they meet the information needs of veterinarians in practice by delivering best available evidence at point- of -care.

Fricke Revised Evidence Pyramid for Veterinary Medicine: how to evaluate strength of evidence