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U.S. Presidents: Previous Administrations

Information Sources for U.S. Presidents

Presidential Documents

Presidential Libraries

John F. Kennedy Presidential   Library and Museum - Digital Archives

Portraits of Presidents - National Portrait Gallery

Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies

Presidential Inaugurations – Contains images of original documents and transcriptions of all presidential inaugural addresses.

Executive Orders Disposition Tables Index – “Disposition Tables contain information about Executive Orders beginning with those signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and are arranged according to Presidential administration and year of signature.”

Presidential Directives – Library of Congress - A list of sources to Presidential directives issued by the National Security Council.

Presidential Directives and Executive Orders – Federation of American Scientists

Official Documents

Presidential Documents

Compilation of Presidential Documents - Govinfo, 1993 -.  The official publication of presidential statements, messages, remarks, and other materials released by the White House Press Secretary. Published by the Office of the Federal Register (OFR), National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents - Print, Hodges Stacks J80.A28, 1965- 2000.

Hein Online - Select U.S. Presidential Library. Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States - Print, Hodges Stacks J80.A283


Presidential Messages and Papers

Hein Online Select U.S. Presidential Library, page down to title. A Compilation of Messages and Papers of the Presidents.
A Compilation of Messages and Papers of the Presidents 1789-1907
- Print, Hodges
Stacks J81.B96

Historical Information About Presidents

American President: An Online Reference Resource - In-depth essays created by the University of Virginia on American President: a resource on the US Presidents' lives and administrations.

The American Presidency Project - Archives of presidential documents from 1929-present including The Messages and Papers of the Presidents 1789-1913. Search archives of statistical data, elections, and media/video.

The Foreign Relations of the United States - the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and diplomatic activity formulated by presidential administrations.

Miller Center of Public Affairs - A comprehensive resource on the history and workings of the American presidency. This growing collection includes some of the most important speeches of the past 70 years (full audio).

POTUS: Presidents of the United States - Biographical information on all 43 Presidents of the U.S. Includes election results, cabinet members, notable events, inaugural addresses.

Presidential Recordings Program - Between 1940 and 1973, six American presidents from both political parties--FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, and Nixon--secretly recorded on tape just under 5,000 hours of their meetings and telephone conversations. This site contains those files.