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MRI-Simmons Catalyst: Run a Crosstab Report

Run A Crosstab

Now that you have your columns and row variable selections - the products and demographics selected, select the large right pointing arrow at the top right corner of the screen to generate the results.

When the search has completed processing, the screen will open another section -- the Crosstab Viewer at the bottom of the page. (Note that you can get back to the editor by clicking on the Crosstab Editor blue bar.)


Data Interpretation:

The most significant data in the results is the index data (highlighted in red on the sample above). This data tells you the product, brand, or media usage compared to the average. The base number for comparison is 100.  A number above 100 is greater than average, and below 100 is less than average. 

< 80 less likely
>120 more likely

Looking at the crosstab above, you can see that 19 year olds are 93.6% (index of 120) more likely than the average person to own a smart phone.