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Student Success Guide

This guide is designed to help students navigate the UT Libraries and other helpful resources.

Getting Started with Research

Knowing where to get help with research can be overwhelming - this page is designed to help connect you with the resources best suited to your needs.

Chat With Us: One of the fastest ways to get help is by chatting in with the Libraries. By using the Chat feature (either a box like you'll see in the left-hand column, or the green button shown above), you can get immediate help with research, or questions about the library. You can also text your questions to the library at 865-940-0821.

Research Assistance: Not sure how to start your assignment? Having trouble finding sources? You're in luck! We offer research consultations via Zoom, giving you the time and attention you need to do your best work.

Subject Librarians: UT Libraries has librarians that specialize in specific disciplines and fields of study. As your research becomes more advanced, they’re a great resource for learning what is out there and navigating information. Check out the list of librarians and their subject specialities - then send them an email with your question, or request to set up a consultation!

Library & Research Tutorials: Our self-paced research tutorials will help you learn how to use library resources. Topics covered include how to spot the difference between primary and secondary sources, how to navigate specific databases, and how to find books and articles.

Workshops: These 30 minute workshops cover topics like how to start a search, finding primary and secondary sources, deciding what to cite, and information privilege. Recordings are posted to the UT Libraries' YouTube account.