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Student Basic Needs Guide

A comprehensive collection of the food, housing, and miscellaneous resources available on and off campus.

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Kay Hames

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University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Content in this guide by Kay Hames is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Miscellaneous Resources

Miscellaneous Services


In addition to food and housing resources, this guide includes miscellaneous services to connect students to organizations that provide alternate essential services. This collection of miscellaneous services are intended to raise awareness for the diverse offerings at UTK and in Knoxville, and assist students in their discovery and utilization of services. This is not an extensive list of every non-food and housing service offered in the Knoxville area, but it is a great place to begin a search for resources. 

This guide contains resources for:

  • Addiction Recovery
  • Community Programs
  • Crisis Hotline
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Wellness
  • Free Clothing
  • LGBTQIA+ Community Centers

These resources address the needs above physiological needs on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, such as

  • Security
  • Safety
  • Friendship and Community 
  • Creative development

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  • Services Offered: The help referral line is for any distressed or distressing student who is in need of assistance in reaching their academic goals and maintaining a safe community for all students.
  • How to Access: Call their phone number to get connected to a care coordinator who will discuss next steps and options with you.
  • Contact Information:
    • phone number: 865-974-4357
  • Link to their Website:

Center for Financial Wellness

  • Services Offered:  Individual appoints where you can discuss the following...
    • financial goal setting
    • creating a spending plan
    • saving
    • credit cards and scores
    • student loan types
    • student loan repayment options
    • banking basics
  • How to Access:  Fill out the application on their website and set up an appointment with a financial wellness counselor. 
  • Hours: Monday through Friday 9am-5pm
  • Contact Information 
  • Link to their Website:

Center for Health Education

  • Services Offered: Active Bystander, Alcohol & Other Drug, General Health & Wellness and Interpersonal Wellness Programs
  • How to Access:  Go to the website, check availability, and sign up for programs on their website. They provide downloadable toolkits to self lead a program of your choosing. 
  • Contact Information:
  • Link to their Website:

East and Upper East Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R)

  • Services Offered: 
    • Search for Child Care
    • Need-Specific Resources
    • Family Resources
    • Various types of Coaching
    • Educator Resources
    • Owner and Director Resources
    • Emergency Preparedness
  • How to Access: Visit their website to help find and connect you to resources
  • Hours:  Monday through Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Contact Information: 
  • Link to their Website:

Free Store

  • Services Offered: A community share space where students can shop for lightly-used clothing, kitchenware, accessories, and small appliances to reduce waste. They also accept donations at their 915 22nd Street location and the 2121 Stephenson Drive, dock 26. Their website provides a list of acceptable items for donation.
  • How to Access: Visit their permanent location at 915 22nd St "22nd St Duplex" or attend one of their Pop-Up locations.
  • Hours: 
    • Monday 10am-3pm
    • Tuesday 2pm-6pm
    • Wednesday 10am-3pm
    • Fridays 10am-3pm
  • Contact Information:
  • Link to their Website:

Pride Center

  • Services Offered:  LGBTQ+ Reading Group, The Qloset, Safe Zone at UT, and Lavender Graduation. The Qloset provides gender affirming clothing selection for LGBTQIA+ students, and they also take donations. Please check their website for information on the types of clothing donations they are seeking.
  • How to Access:  Sign up for events or apply for the peer mentoring program on their website.
  • Hours: Monday through Friday 9am-6pm
  • Contact Information:
  • Link to their Website:

Smokey's Closet

  • Services Offered:  Provides gently used professional clothing and accessories, free of charge. They also take donations if you have gently used professional clothing that you no longer use.
  • How to Access:  Visit the closet in the Student Union, room 376C during their open hours. 
  • Hours: these hours are valid until May 10th, 2022. Please check their website for updated hours. 
    • Monday 3:00pm-5:00pm
    • Tuesday 1:00pm-2:15pm
    • Thursday 1:00pm-2:15pm
    • Friday 1:00pm-5:00pm
  • Contact Information:
  • Link to their Website:

East Tennessee Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Services Offered: In-person and online support meetings, monthly support events, A.A. resources, service opportunities, and a Our Unity email newsletter.
  • How to Access: Visit their webpage and use their find a meeting tool, or browse their event calendar to find information on upcoming events.
  • Hours:
    • Monday & Tuesday 11am-4pm
    • Wednesday 9am-4pm
    • Thursday 11am-4pm
    • Friday 11am-7pm
    • Saturday 11am-4pm
  • Contact Information:
  • Link to their Website:

Florence Crittenton Agency

  • Services Offered: Residential and outpatient treatment programs and events in four categories; mental health, substance abuse, foster care, and out-patient.
  • How to Access: Visit their website to select a service and call their office to set up an appointment.
  • Hours:
    • Monday & Tuesday 11am-4pm
    • Wednesday 9am-4pm
    • Thursday 11am-4pm
    • Friday 11am-7pm
    • Saturday 11am-4pm
  • Contact Information:
    • email: Vice President of Administrative Services - Dustin Gent -
    • fax: 865-602-2039
    • phone number: 865-602-2021
  • Link to their Website:

Families First - Temporary Assistance for Need Families (TANF)

Interfaith Health Clinic

  • Services Offered: Provides affordable medical and dental care, mental health counseling, and prescription medication for the working uninsured.
  • How to Access: Appointments are required, you will need to either call or email them to set up an appointment time.
  • Hours:
    • Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Contact Information:
  • Link to their Website:

Knoxville Area Urban League (KAUL)

  • Services Offered: Founded  in 1968 to promote equal employment opportunities for African-Americans in Knoxville, this non-profit, non-partisan, and interracial community organization offers a variety of programs and services. Their offerings include: Opportunity to Prosper Entrepreneurship assistance, Opportunity to Own housing and community development programs, Opportunity to Thrive education and youth programs, and Opportunity to Earn workforce programs and services.
  • How to Access: Visit their website and set up an appointment online or contact them via email or phone to receive further information on the appointment and application process.
  • Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-4pm
  • Contact Information:
  • Link to their Website:

Knox County Health Department

  • Services Offered: The Knox County Health Department offers a vast array of services, including: Academic Health Department, Air Quality Management, Dental Clinic, Emergency Preparedness, Harm Reduction, Immunization Program, and Women's Health Clinic. Visit their website for a full list of resources.
  • How to Access: Visit the Knox County Health Department's website to view the available services, then contact the appropriate office and set up an appointment. They have a main clinic, which is what the phone number listed below is for, that you can contact if you are unsure of what sort of assistance you need.
  • Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:30pm
  • Contact Information:
    • email: fill out this email form to send the Health Department an email
    • phone number: 865-215-5000
  • Link to their Website:

Knox Pride

  • Services Offered: Knox Pride offers a list of community resources that includes a list of local services for transgender people. They have community spaces where events are hosted by local organizations. These rooms are available for booking if you would like to host an LGBTQIA+ event. They also accept donations if you are looking to give back to the community.
  • How to Access: Visit their website and view their event calendar or Facebook page to attend an upcoming event. You can also call or email them for any questions or assistance.
  • Hours: Monday - Friday 11am-4pm
  • Contact Information:
  • Link to their Website: