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1918 Spanish Flu (Special Collections)

This guide highlights research materials in Special Collections related to the Spanish Flu at the University of Tennessee in 1918.

What's in this Research Guide?

View of patient, nurse, and an unknown person playing cards inside Reese Hospital.This research guide identifies Special Collections materials related to the Fall of 1918 and the Spanish Flu, focusing on the University of Tennessee and subsequently, the city of Knoxville's response to the Spanish Flu, and its connection to the ongoing war. 

The photograph on the left is of a patient in Reese Hospital/Infirmary, a red cross nurse, and most likely either an orderly or another patient playing cards together. 

Special Collections: Searching

Use the following terms to locate general information and resources related to the Spanish Flu at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, or the Spanish Flu. Try combining several terms to return more relevant results.

  • spanish flu
  • influenza
  • 1918 flu
  • 1918 pandemic
  • pandemic
  • la grippe
  • gripe
  • 20th century
  • epidemic





To find more information on locating primary sources, manuscripts, and archives material in Special Collections, please visit the Using Special Collection's SCOUT research guide, found at