Scholars' Collaborative Tools Guide:Data and Digital Scholarship

Software and programs recommended by the Scholars' Collaborative Group.

About this guide

Department of Data and Digital Scholarship


This guide gathers information about software and other tools recommended for digital scholarship.

Included are tools for:

  • Archiving Research
  • Copyright
  • Data Management
  • Data Visualization
  • GIS
  • Media Creation
  • Open Access Publishing
  • Text Mining and Analysis
  • Tools for Authors (Author Identifiers)


Department of Data and Digital Scholarship (3DS)

Members of the scholars' collaborative team are available for consultations, instruction, and collaboration on a wide array of research projects.

Brianne Dosch, Head

Eric Arnold, GIS Specialist

Joshua Ortiz Baco, Digital Scholarship Librarian

Sidney Gavel, Data Science Librarian

Mikayla Wood, STEM Librarian for Engineering