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PubMed: Tutorials

Tutorials for accessing and using the database PubMed.

*All tutorials open in a new tab/window.



This tutorial walks users through the options available to access PubMed using the UT Libraries' website.

My NCBI Account


This tutorial explores setting up a MyNCBI account. (NCBI stands for National Center for Biotechnology Information.) A My NCBI account allows users to save citations and searches, organize citations into collections, and set up email alerts that help users to track new articles that match their previously saved searches.

Keyword Searching


This tutorial reviews keyword searching using PubMed's Advanced Search option.

Limiting Your Search


This tutorial looks at refining your PubMed search results.

Single Citation Searching


This tutorial examines PubMed’s Single Citation Matcher. This tool can be used to locate the PubMed entry of an article citation that you are interested in reading.



This tutorial focuses on Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) searching, which is an additional way to bring more control to a search and increase the relevance of the results. Medical subject headings describe the content of items included in the database and are assigned from a controlled vocabulary.

Additional MeSH training resources provided by the National Library of Medicine:

PubMed Subject Search: How it Works

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Managing Citations


This tutorial covers the options available after you have run a carefully constructed search and are now sorting your search results and making selections that better fit your needs. The tutorial covers filters, display options, and sending results to a citation manager.

Additional Managing Citations training resources provided by the National Library of Medicine:

PubMed: Save Searches and Set E-Mail Alerts

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Finding Full Text Articles


This tutorial looks at the process of locating full text for your PubMed search results

Additional Finding Full Text training resources provided by the National Library of Medicine:

PubMed: Get the Full Text for an Article

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