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Preservation (Special Collections)

This research guide identifies resources for Preservation and Conservation.

Preservation Podcasts

The C Word: The Conservators' Podcast

The C Word discusses different topics from the perspective of conservation professionals and hopes to celebrate the C-word (Conservation), alongside all other C-words (curating, collecting, caring, consolidating, curing, creating, and condition checking) in the library and museum fields. 

Pop Culture

The Repair Shop on BBC

Enter a workshop filled with expert craftspeople, bringing loved pieces of family history and the memories they hold back to life.

Book Binding Media


Case Binding with Annesi Bindings.

By pressing play on the video below, you will begin with episode one and automatically continue the series playlist through episode nine. 

Book Binding Content Creators on Youtube 

DIY/Hobby Book Binding with Sea Lemon

Sea Lemon creates videos about a variety of different DIY book-binding techniques, processes, tutorials, in addition to other types of creative processes that enhance personal/hobby bookbinding. 

Pop-Up Books with The Pop-Up Channel

The Pop-Up Channel creates video tutorials for a multitude of different methods for creating pop-up books. 

Getty Conservation

The Getty Conservation Institute creates videos about conserving cultural heritage through art objects, museum collections, historic buildings, and archaeological sites.

The Met

The Met channel creates videos of everything from conservation treatments to exhibit installations. Most of their videos fall under collection care. 


Disaster Response and Recovery

A list of resources gathered by the Minnesota Historical Society that provide advice and guidance for responding to a disaster and the emergency salvage of museum collections and personal heirlooms.

The Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative

The SCRI seeks to protect cultural heritage threatened or impacted by disasters and to help U.S. and international communities preserve their identities and history

Film Preservation

The National Film Preservation Foundation

The National Film Preservation Foundation seeks to support activities nationwide that preserve American films and improve film access for study, education, and exhibition. Their top priority is to save American films that would be unlikely to survive without public support. 

Ethics of Preservation

ICOM Code of Ethics for Natural History Musuems

Here the term “natural history museum” covers all institutions that collect, display and research materials collected or extracted from ‘the natural world’.