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Nursing 501: Nursing Research: Finding the Evidence

This guide will help you find sources of best evidence, guidelines, and systematic reviews.

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Evidence-Based Nursing

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Guidelines & Summaries


Systematic Reviews

3D Anatomy Tools *NEW*

Visible Body Apps

  • A comprehensive 3D atlas of the human body. Includes 3D models of anatomical structures and systems, physiology animations, pathology visualizations, illustrations, cadaver images paired with CTI or MRI scans, definitions, pronunciations, learning presentations that use this visual content, and more.

Anatomage Table

  • The Anatomage Table is one of the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization systems for anatomy education. It allows you to view, manipulate, and dissect a 3D cadaver in real-time. The intuitive touch screen environment is easy to use and is available as a learning tool for those interested in studying anatomy.

AccessMedicine Human Anatomy Modules

  • AccessMedicine provides interactive, 3D human anatomy models that include both female and male anatomy models as well as a collection of interactive tutorials under the Human Anatomy Tours link.