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Library Assessment

About Library Assessment at UT

Assessment Mission

The mission of the assessment program at the University of Tennessee Libraries is to facilitate continual improvement in the Libraries’ services and resources and to illustrate the value of the Libraries to the University and the community we serve.


The assessment program is guided by the following values/guiding principles:

Meaningful – Assessment activities should look at areas that matter, in ways that will yield meaningful evidence.

Necessary – Assessment activities should be necessary, focusing on areas where improvement or information is needed and will make a difference.

Actionable – Assessment should focus on areas where action can actually be taken based on the results.

Simplicity – Although research and solutions should be as complex as necessary to adequately address issues, the simplest approaches and solutions that meet all needs are best.

Evidence-based – Assessment activities should begin and end with well-conducted research. Our activities should be guided at all times by evidence.

Inclusiveness – Assessment activities rely on participation by all members of the library staff and should include and value the input of departments and staff throughout the library, as well as the input of our users.

User-centered – Our ultimate goal is to improve the user experience and help the library to constantly improve at meeting user needs.

Integrity – Assessment activities should be guided by ethical behavior, accountability, and honesty. At all times the program will be faithful to methods and evidence considered scientifically rigorous and accurate.

Attribute To: Regina Mays and Louis Becker