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English 255/295 Design Resources: English 255/295 Design Resources

Design resources to support English 255/295

Resources for using images

  • Find images on the web, but be concerned with copyright. Check out this guide on legally using online images.
  • Legally use photos in four ways: 1) find photos that are licensed as Creative Commons, 2) ask permission from the photographer, 3) buy photos from a stock photo site (e.g., or 4) take your own photos.
  • Remember to cite or attribute images!  Follow these instructions for citing Creative Commons images.  While works in the public domain technically do not need to be cited, doing so will help the audience find the original work.  Visit our Citation Styles Guide for help citing images.
  • Look for larger image sizes, and do not increase the photo from the original size. Enlarging small photos will make them blurry.
  • Do not use an image as background (the text will be hard to read).  Instead, use a background color and boxes to set off text and images.
  • If attending a conference outside the university, remember to identify yourself as an affiliate of the University of Tennessee. Visit UT's branding page for information on our color palette and styles.

Logo and Design books and ebooks

The Studio

The Studio 

The Studio is located in the Commons South in Hodges Library. The Studio is a media production and design lab.  Open to UT students, staff, and faculty, the Studio provides computers, software, and staff to assist users in the creation of media-enhanced educational projects.

Sound Room in The StudioResources and Services Include:

  • Help desk, consultation services, and instruction for classes to support media production, editing, and design projects.

  • Production spaces including video & photography room, 3 audio recording rooms, and 1 whisper room for vocal recording.

  • Editing and design workstations including software, scanners in a range of sizes, and analog input for analog audio & video sources.

  • Virtual reality room with HTC vive. Part of the library's array of gaming activities including monthly game night.

  • All spaces can be reserved online. Contact staff to schedule consultations.

​Contact & Location:
235 Hodges Library - Commons South


Media Literacy Librarian

Michelle Brannen's picture
Michelle Brannen
1015 Volunteer Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37996
(865) 974-6396 (studio)
(865) 946-2102 (office)