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Review of $17800 USD Journals Assigned to Veterinary Medicine purchased through EBSCO vendor June-July 2018: Home

Annual evaluation of journals not purchased through large subscription packages aka Big Deal Packages

Research Librarian

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Jeanine Fletcher
Pendergrass Library

2407 River Drive

Knoxville, TN 37996

(865) 974-9164

Time and effort as of 6/25 (estimated)

Number of librarian hours  10

Number of phone calls      2

Messages sent/received   68

Requests for use stats   3


This is how long it took a librarian with 30 years + experience at UTK who is intimately familiar with each of the titles on the list.



Journals under consideration for cancelation summer 2018 because UT Libraries records indicate they are handled by EBSCO and therefore not in a journal bundle

Selected from spreadsheet at left--

Journal Rationale / Notes Spent
Revue scientifique et technique Available electronically eventually...however last year not available yet?  Even though it is supposed to be available?  Articles tend to have very broad focus.  $330.38
Animal Welfare HV4701 Low use + European focus (institute of animal technology) 505.26
VetRecord Case Reports Can't make business model work for us--many fewer case reports published by UTK authors than we anticipated after 2 year trial subscription 1500.00
Animal Technology QL55 Low use + European focus 188.00
Laboratory Animals  QL55 Low use + European focus (royal society of medicine)--may be part of journal bundle--I have a note that says I canceled in 2017.  ?
BJO /  Br J Ophthalmology 80% is available free full text in PubMed/PubMed Central Archive--all ophth faculty are o.k. with this cancelation. $226.00
Clinical Chemistry Both UT and Preston UTMCK Subscribe.  checking on this w/preston 6/25; 6/29 Preston will retain theirs, UTK will cancel.  use stats requested 998
  Total 3747



Journals considered for cancelation 2018 but not canceled

Journal Rationale / Notes Spent
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 655 of 2756 articles in PubMed NOT freely available; embargo period still five years, after that articles are freely accessible, authors seem to be paying extra for OA, little innovation for cost $1300
Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Use declining but still respectable according to Michael Lindsay.  Use of electronic version is a high of 380 in 2012  to  229 (2017) $1249
Comparative Medicine 10 years in PubMed Central archive with "Articles from this journal are generally available in PMC after a 6-month delay (embargo)"  USE STATS
Yearly Usage Totals Reporting Period Total
2013 88
2014 79
2015 44
2016 42
2017 80

UC System Declaration of Rights and Principles to Transform Scholarly Communication April 2018

Priego and Fiormante June 2018