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College Preparedness: Personal Statements

This is to help high school students and their families know what to expect in the college transition process.

Personal Statements

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a student’s description and introduction of themselves to the university in a positive light. This is an opportunity for interested students to tell the university why they should be selected to attend the school. This statement should be a well written overview of your academic endeavors and related achievements up to this point.

This section includes the type of information that should be in a personal statement:

  • Why you are interested in the university to which you are applying
  • Career plans
  • How being admitted to the university would help you as a future citizen and leader
  • Your skill sets and unique characteristics that you would provide as a college student
  • A brief statement about what you plan to do to be a successful student
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Volunteer work
  • Educational goals



Example Personal Statement 

As a first generation college student, I am excited to dare to dream that I could make a choice that my parents were not afforded. As that dream grows and time nears for me to follow through with getting admitted to a university, I have been very fortunate to have excellent high school counsellors assisting me in the process. I feel confident and proud of my bilingual communication skills and my cultural heritage. My rich experiences allow me to understand and accept people from all backgrounds and broaden my social and career opportunities. Making my college dream a reality is important because it will provide an opportunity for me to go further in life and change my family history. I have taught myself to be an efficient multitasker, and I am motivated by deadlines. This skill will help me to be a productive and successful university student. I have been researching your college for over a year, and I am impressed by the college life and college majors that you offer. The University of Swannee will help me gain professional experience and teach me to become a leader for my family and for a future workplace.

In the Lowndes County High School, my leadership on the cheerleading team exhibits my flexibility and punctuality. As the captain of the team, I am a role model for my teammates and a reliable contact to the cheerleading advisor. Also, my work with the Student Council has been an influential part of my high school career. I plan to apply the skills I have gained to my studies as an Engineering major.

                  Currently, my part-time work in the library has reinforced my sense of dependability, independence, and responsibility. It has also taught me to value and manage money. In addition, I have volunteered to assist in the local day care center this summer. I am an active member of my church, and I sing in the youth choir. My church also asked me to assist with a child’s Sunday school class. Having multiple commitments has improved my time management skills. I will be a good student at your university because these experiences have helped me gain responsibility and become a better person. My goal is to continue to grow and gain different experiences at the University of Swannee and make my family proud.