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Lifelong Learning for Engineers: Technical Problem Solving

This guide gives tips for keeping up to date with technical information.

Scholarly Literature Feeds/Alerts

Scholarly literature feeds or alerts may be set up in most engineering  databases. In Scopus, for example, you can perform a search and then set a feed or alert:

In Web of Science, first sign into Web of Science (create an account if necessary), then click on Create Alert to save the search history. You can choose to have email alerts sent, and/or create an RSS feed.

Association Feeds

Many engineering associations, such as ASTM and AIAA (as well as others), have RSS  feeds reporting on publications and news. Go to the home page of the organization and look for the RSS icon.

Patents Feeds

It is possible to set up feeds for patents, so that you can see all the recent patents or patent applications in a patent class. For example, see FreePatentsOnline (