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Downloading Citations from UT Libraries OneSearch into Endnote Desktop

This page shows how to send citations from OneSearch into an Endnote library.

How to open the OneSearch RIS file with Endnote in different browsers

The boxes below show generic instructions for opening files with Endnote in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Opening with Firefox

Click on "Choose" and open with Endnote X9. In Macs you will first click on the Endnote X9 application folder and then on the icon for the application itself. In PCs, you will click on "Other" and navigate to the Endnote X9 program.


Opening with Chrome

You will see the file name at the bottom of the screen.

In Macs, click on the drop-down menu and show in Finder.Then Open With the Endnote X9 application. If it does not immediately ask what application to open with, then press Control-Click over the file name in the Finder and choose to open with the Endnote X9 application folder. Then click on the icon for the Endnote X9 application.

In PCs, double-click on the .ris file and Open With Endnote X9.

Opening with Internet Explorer

PC users may use Internet Explorer to send references into Endnote X9. If the references do not automatically go into the open Endnote library, you may have to Open With the Endnote X9 program.

Downloading an an RIS file from OneSearch and opening it within an Endnote Library

1. In OneSearch, click on the Actions Menu and select Export RIS.

2. Click OK to Import to Citation Manager. Then open with Endnote X7. (See boxes explaining how to do this in the left-hand column).

3. If an Endnote library is already open, the citation will go into that library. Otherwise, you will need to select the endnote library in which to import the citation.