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Exporting from JSTOR into Endnote


These steps work best with the Endnote library already open.

Perform your search in JSTOR.

Click the selection box by references you wish to send into Endnote.

Click on "Export."

Click on "RIS File."

Open with Endnote X7. If necessary, select the Endnote library.

Opening with Chrome

You will see the file name at the bottom of the screen.

In Macs, click on the drop-down menu and show in Finder.Then Open With the Endnote X9 application. If it does not immediately ask what application to open with, then press Control-Click over the file name in the Finder and choose to open with the Endnote X9 application folder. Then click on the icon for the Endnote X9 application.

In PCs, double-click on the .ris file and Open With Endnote X9.

Opening with Internet Explorer

PC users may use Internet Explorer to send references into Endnote X9. If the references do not automatically go into the open Endnote library, you may have to Open With the Endnote X9 program.