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Pet Insurance, Pet Care Costs and Estate Planning: Pet Insurance

How to estimate care costs for different animals, estate planning that includes care costs for animals, comprehensive insurance information, veterinary wellness plans

Beware of pet insurance--see article below from the VIN News Service

From the article, link above: "As American consumers increasingly buy insurance to help cover their pets' veterinary bills, state regulators are taking a closer look at a sector that, until recently, operated with inconsistent notice by the government."

Insurance: By Veterinarians or Veterinary Organizations

Insurance information by Journalists, Government agencies, others

Including how to compare sure ask your veterinarian about on pet insurance see box at left!

Pet Insurance Industry and Analysis Web Sites

Ask Your Veterinarian First!

The purpose of this guide is to provide the best available animal health information after an appointment with a veterinarian.

When looking for information on the Web, be a cyberskeptic! Click below for great tips how to evaluate it!



Keeping Costs Down: Prevention and Wellness