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Finding a Veterinarian or Specialist

Checking Credentials and Complaints

Checking Credentials or Filing a Complaint: American Association of Veterinary State Boards

If you are checking credientials of a veterinarian or veterinarian technican or considering filing a complaint, below is some background on the role of State Medical Boards.  Also relevant is an explanation of the Veterinarian-Client Relationship.

What is the role of state veterinary boards in protecting the public?

See "What is a State Medical Board" /agvet/veterinary/veterinary/what_is_a_state_medical_board.pdf on the Web site of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB).

It explains the structure of (human) state medical boards, how physicians are regulated, responsibility of consumers ("First and foremost, an educated consumer" from the brochure above), due process, etc.

Substitute the word veterinarian for the word physician when reading the brochure for a guide to how states regulate health care professionals in plain language.


As of April 2011, no comparable explanatory brochure about state veterinary boards could be found. Please check with the veterinary board in your state for specific information about regulatory processes and procedures and/or check with the veterinary association in your state.  The Ohio VMA has a brochure about grievances on their Web page of brochures.  Other state veterinary associations have web pages or guides.  The ASPCA also has suggestions.


How to file a complaint: Here is how the complaint process works in Tennessee from the Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association Web site.

Ask Your Veterinarian First!

The purpose of this guide is to provide the best available animal health information after an appointment with a veterinarian.

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