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PS153.N5 E49 2007

Encyclopedia of African American Women Writers

African American women writers published extensively during the Harlem Renaissance and have been extraordinarily prolific since the 1970s. This book surveys the world of African American women writers. Included are alphabetically arranged entries on more than 150 novelists, poets, playwrights, short fiction writers, autobiographers, essayists, and influential scholars. 

My Country: The African Diaspora’s Country Music Heritage

This book is the first-ever comprehensive look at the importance of country music in black culture around the world from the 17th century to today. Its 378 pages include more than 450 black people who have played a variety of roles in country music, such as co-creators of the genre, singers, songwriters, musicians, producers, record label owners, radio station owners and personnel, and, most importantly, buying and listening audience.

Handbook of African American Health

With a focus on how to improve the effectiveness and cultural competence of clinical services and research, this authoritative volume synthesizes current knowledge on both the physical and psychological health of African Americans today. 

Historical dictionary of civil wars in Africa

Whether referring to Algeria's struggle for independence from French colonial rule, Nigeria's internal struggles to achieve a balanced state after the British departure, the Rwandan genocide of 1994, or the current ethnic cleansing in Darfur, the second edition of the Historical Dictionary of Civil Wars in Africa covers all of the wars that have occurred in Africa since independence. 


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