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Film and/or TV Showings on Campus

Answers to common questions related to showing films on campus...

Online Materials about Copyright

Copyright and Fair Use - from Stanford University Libraries

This is a general overview of copyright, with content taken from NOLO and Richard Stim's book Getting Permission.

Copyright Tutorial - from Brigham Young University

This is a 30-minute tutorial that includes a short video and interactive scenarios.

Copyright Basics - published by the U.S. Copyright Office

This is a 10-page circular published by the U.S. Copyright Office to explain the basics of copyright. See additional circulars from the U.S. Copyright Office.

Copyright Clearance Center

This company specializes in licensing photocopy reproduction rights. 

Copyright Law of the United States

This is an online publication that covers Title 17 as well as all Congressional amendments to copyright law through June 2016.