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V.O.L. Journals Guide

Journal Editors: Publishing a New Issue

The steps for publishing a new issue vary depending on whether your journal is using DOIs. If you are using DOIs, read every step. If you are not, skip to Step 2. 


Step 1: Requesting DOIs for a new issue

  1. Email with the number of articles for which you would like DOIs. 
  2. V.O.L. Journals will create unique DOIs for each of your articles. Please anticipate 7-10 business days for the process to be completed. A V.O.L. Journals representative will email you the list of DOIs.
  3. Add the DOIs provided by V.O.L. Journals to your journal & articles (see the DOI Requirements page of this guide for where and how to display DOIs). 
  4. After posting your updated articles/issues, email TRACE so a librarian will officially mint/register the DOIs.


Step 2: Requesting Special Formatting (optional)

If you wish to list your new issue's contents into sections (e.g., Front Matter or Book Reviews), let us know (email at this stage. We will create sections (see example below). 


Step 3: Create a Volume and Issue(s) in TRACE

You can follow along with the steps below in this video tutorial.  

  1. Go to and log in. 
  2. Navigate to your journal's page. Click Configuration in the gray bar at the top of the page.
  3. On the Configuration page, select volume next to CREATE NEW at the top of the page.
  4. On the next screen, enter the volume number and click Add volume. This will take you to the Volume Configuration page. 
  5. On this page, enter the Publication Date (only the year will be shown on the journal landing page, but month and date are still required fields). Click Submit Changes.
  6. Once you see a notification at the top of the page that you changed the publication date, create your issue within the volume. Select issue next to CREATE NEW and add the issue number (“1”). Click Add Issue. This will take you to the Issue Configuration page.
  7. On the Issue Configuration page, you have the option to indicate special issue, upload cover art, or add a publication date (for cases where your issue pub date is different from the volume pub date). For a review of additional settings, see timestamp 2:30 in this video.


Step 4: Upload Articles

If you publish articles on a rolling basis, use this process to upload 1 article at a time:

  1. After logging into TRACE, click Manage Submissions from the gray bar at the top of your journal, then Upload Submissions.
  2. Enter all of the information for your first article in the form, including the DOI if you are using DOIs. Click Submit
  3. Visit Manage Submissions again, then click the Title of the article you have just uploaded to be taken to the article detail page.
  4. Select Publish from the left-hand menu.
  5. Select the location for the article (Volume/Issue) from the list and click Continue.
  6. On the next screen, click Update to make the article visible.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each additional article in your issue.

An alternative to uploading articles one at a time is the Batch Upload method.  This method involves filling out an Excel spreadsheet with all necessary metadata plus the full-text files for each article.  For this to work, the full-text files must be hosted on a publicly accessible server. Follow the steps for “Batch Upload” in this bepress guide or see them demonstrated in this video tutorial. You'll be notified that your upload is queued for update and when the update is complete. (If you don't get an email that your update is complete/queue has been cleared after 24 hours, contact because this means the batch will not go through and bepress tech support is needed.)

If you are not using DOIs in your journal, uploading is the last step of the new issue creation process. Congratulations on your new issue!


Step 5 (if using DOIs): Notify TRACE Administrators

Email to confirm publication of your issue (or individual articles, if you publish on a rolling basis). A librarian will then mint each DOI and ensure all DOIs are active.