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ORCID: Connecting Research and Researchers: ORCID

This guide will assist researchers with creating their ORCID account, importing information into the account, and using the account with future research

What is an ORCID iD?

An ORCID iD (also ORCiD) is a persistent digital identifier that helps researchers distinguish themselves from other researchers and develop a record of research contributions and affiliations. An ORCiD does meet the requirement of some funders to provide researcher identifiers and all UTK researchers are encouraged to create and ORCID account and develop their profile.

Create your ORCID Account

Register for an ORCiD ID at

  Over 14 million ORCID iDs and counting. See more data...

ORCID Workshop for Researchers Webinar (coming soon in Fall semester 2024).

    This workshop will include: 

  • An overview of the benefits of ORCID for researchers
  • How ORCID can help you save time throughout the research landscape
  • Tips and tricks for keeping your ORCID record up-to-date

Value of registering for ORCiD3 steps to register for ORCiD
Download this UT flyer for procedures on creating your ORCiD account.

ORCID in Wikipedia, Wikispecies, Wikidata, etc.

Including an ORCiD in your Wikipedia article can improve authority control of your work. This works for many of the Wikii platforms. See to learn more about using ORCID with Wikipedia.

ORCID compatibility with other systems


Symplectic Elements is the system used for faculty reviews. What you enter in Elements is only visible internally to UT. What you enter in ORCID can be visible to the world.


Pivot is a database of funding opportunities provided by the Office of Research, Innovation, & Economic Development. Researcher ORCiD's are interoperable with Pivot.


SciENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae) is a system for researchers to create and maintain biosketches that are required for NIH and NSF grant applications.

Benefits of an ORCID iD

ORCID for Individual researchers

  • An ORCID iD provides researchers with a unique, persistent identifier and the ability to connect their research and professional work across positions, locations, and time.
  • ORCiD's can enhance the discoverability of your research.
  • ORCiD's are interoperable with many other systems researchers and institutions use like Symplectic Elements and Pivot.

For more information about how ORCID helps researchers, see