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History 355: Kefauver Help

Step One: Download this Document! (Kefauver Container List)

I've provided a link to the PDF of the container list below.

Download this document RIGHT NOW. Save it somewhere you can access it.

Kefauver MPA.0144 Subject Matter Series -- A Few Starting Points



AGRICULTURE: Rural Electrification Administration, box 2, folders 6-9(TVA)

ATLANTIC UNION (FORIEGN AFFAIRS), boxes 11-17                          

ATOMIC ENERGY (TVA),  boxes 17, 149, 162, 237-252

CIVIL RIGHTS, boxes 26-28

CRIME, boxes 42-70


FOREIGN AFFAIRS, box 107-131               

NATO, see: FOREIGN AFFAIRS: NATO,   boxes117-124

KKK, box 143, f.3 (civil rights)

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: TVA, boxes 159; (TVA) 256-264, 294-308


MONOPOLY, boxes 200-231

MONOPOLY: ANTI-Monopoly, Drugs, boxes 214-219, 220 folder 4)


POWER, boxes 234-264 (TVA)

Step Two: The Finding Aid

I just had you download the container list for a collection called MPA.0144, The Estes Kefauver Papers, 1925 – 1967. (If you haven't downloaded it yet, do so now. The link is in the box to the left of this box.)

Let me give you some background.

The Estes Kefauver Papers, 1925 – 1967, MPA.0144 is our largest collection. It contains a wealth of firsthand information on American politics and culture during the 1950s and 1960s.

There are two documents available to help you explore this collection:

   1. The finding aid, which gives you an idea of what kind of files are in which boxes. (What are series?)

   2. The container list, which lists all the folder titles in the collection. You just downloaded it.

Directly below is a list of the two series in MPA.0144 you may want to look through. 

Subject Matter File 

Committee files

What you'll see when you open them is lists of subseries and the boxes where you'll find those subseries.

My suggestion? Find the subseries you want first, then go to the container list to search out the specific box you want to see. 

Some suggested starting points are over to the left.

Step Three: Box Request

Write an email to with:

  • the MPA number,
  • title
  • number of the box you'd like to see.

You may only order 1 box at a time