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Using Generative AI

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About this guide

Tech is a massive part of being a student and it connects to many aspects of being an active learner. Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that uses machine learning algorithms to produce or remix content. This content output can be text, imagery, audio, code or other formats.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can be used in many ways in your study - to synthesize, create, refine, inspire, test or modify.

This guide provides information about using generative AI tools for study in an ethical, creative and evaluative way. The four main areas covered are:

Types of generative AI

Ethical and evaluative use

How to use and explore

AI research and news

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What you need to know about generative AI tools

Generative AI tools are evolving incredibly quickly and their impact on education is significant and ongoing. It has the potential to support any area of study, everything from creative arts to game and application development.

There are numerous types of generative AI that can create music, art, video, text, code, equations or even a blend of these. The flexibility of these tools provides new ways to create content, explore ideas or to synthesize information.

However, there are important ethical factors to consider when using generative AI. We encourage you to explore some of those factors in this guide.

Responsible and ethical use of generative AI is dependent on your evaluation skills. Generative AI uses complex algorithms to produce highly realistic content. Which can be difficult to distinguish from content created by a human. This means critical thinking skills are essential to evaluate the authenticity and accuracy of what has been generated.


When working through this guide, find the pieces and further resources that help you to improve your understanding of generative AI tools.

Helpful Glossary of Terms

AIPRM’s Ultimate Generative AI Glossary

From students to professionals, this resource is designed to empower every reader with a solid and clear understanding of the critical concepts that drive generative AI.

From exploring foundational terms such as neural networks and deep learning to understanding the nuances of GANs, this glossary has been curated to offer a structured and comprehensive pathway to becoming proficient in the language of generative AI.

Use this easy-to-understand glossary to confidently navigate the dynamic world of generative AI. Think of each term as a tool, helping you build a stronger understanding and fostering meaningful discussions in this fast-paced field. Discover and take command with the unmatched guidance provided by this resource, ready at your fingertips.

Attribution and acknowledgement

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