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Human Subjects Research Guide for UT Library Faculty: DRC Home

If you are using human subjects, you need to submit your research using the appropriate form to the Library Departmental Review Committee (DRC). Resources on this page will help you through the process, save time, and increase the quality of the results.

STOP! Does Your Work Require IRB Approval?


When does my work require IRB approval?  

The PDF document (below) and FAQ link will help researchers decide whether or not they are required to engage in the IRB application submission process.  Please contact the DRC Chair with any questions.

Library Human Subjects Departmental Review Committee (DRC)

Library Human Subjects Departmental Review Committee (DRC)

Peter Fernandez Chair, Donna Braquet member, Meredith Hale, member,


"It is the responsibility of the DRC to review all research projects involving human participants initiated by Libraries' faculty and staff for compliance with legal, regulatory, and ethical provisions for the protection of the rights of human subjects. Applicable ethical standards include principles of the Belmont Report and codes of professional ethics governing the discipline(s) involved."  (lines 509-514 of the "Guide").   In addition, the DRC provides advice and support in navigating the university regulations & policies.

For complete university regulations, policies, and forms, see

Procedures for the Libraries' DRC

Since September 1, 2014, human subjects compliance applications must be submitted via the iMedRIS system. IMedRIS resources are available. Previously, the following print forms were used, and the same three categories of research apply within the iMedRIS environment:

Exempt (previously Form A) applies to research in which anonymity of subjects can be guaranteed. No formal university approval must be given except that outlined below. (See below for link to more detailed information.)

Expedited (previously Form B expedited) is for research in which a subject might be identified or when minors are involved. Form B expedited research will be reviewed carefully in the Office of Research to ensure that it does not need a more extensive review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) (See below for link to more detailed information.)

Full review (previously Form B) is reserved for research that does not fall under the exempt categories and must be reviewed by the UT IRB. (See below for link to more detailed information.)


The following procedures must be followed:

1. When submitting the iMedRIS form, be sure to route it for sign-off to the Chair of the DRC; and then to Holly Mercer, the Associate Dean.

2. Normally, the chair will inform the researcher of the Committee's decision and any revisions that must be made within five business days. Delays can occur if substantial changes must be made to the documentation.

3. Once the DRC has approved the form, it will be routed to the Associate Dean, Holly Mercer, for approval.

4. Campus IRB office will notify the researcher of final approval. No research may begin until final approval is granted. Once final approval is granted, research that was submitted and approved with exempt or expedited status may begin.

6. Research must await review by the UT IRB. No research can be conducted until this final step is completed.