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Advertising Research Methods (ADVT 340R)

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Calantha Tillotson
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Helpful Simmons Resources

Building Reports 

  1. Create research question [ex. Which age group consumes the most energy drinks?]

  2. Open Simmons insights  

  3. Open Dictionary window [Don’t use Composer window]    

  4. Add search criteria by:

    • Using drop down categories on left

    • Choosing the ones that apply

    • Dragging and dropping into columns or rows 

  5. Keep in mind:

    • Base - includes total population who took survey [leave base as is]

    • Columns - should include people wanting to study [ex. age]

    • Rows - should include demographic behavior wanting to study [ex. energy drinks consumed]

  6. Click right arrow to create report

Analyzing Reports

  • Terminology:

    • Sample vs. Weighted

      • Sample - amount of survey respondents who fit into all chosen characteristics [ex. number of people in each age group who consumes energy drinks]

      • Weighted - total projected amount if including ALL U.S. adults [ex. number of U.S. adults who might drink energy drinks]

    • Vertical vs. Horizontal

      • Vertical - read looking at column heading and then row heading second [ex. 26% of 18-34 year olds consume energy drinks]

      • Horizontal - read looking at row heading first and column heading second [ex. of all energy drink consumers, 48% are 18-34 year olds] 

    • Index -

      • Compares your chosen population with the total U.S. adult population with 100 being the average

      • Down/red arrow - below average, meaning population less likely to engage in behavior [ex. 65+ year olds are less likely to consume energy drinks]

      • Up/green arrow - above average, meaning population more likely to engage in behavior [ex. 18-34 year olds are more likely to consume energy drinks]

      • Right/yellow arrow - average, meaning population has an average chance of engaging in behavior [ex. 55-64 year olds have an average chance of being unsure or having no answer to whether or not they consume energy drinks]

  • Tips:

    • Remember asterixis mean the sample is too small to read  

    • Open each column by clicking on the three dots    

    • Revise chart with left hand column (ex. Highlight/filter) 

    • Export through Excel .xls