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Veterinary Information

Guides to services and collections for students, staff and faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine

VetCompanion: clinically relevant point of care evidence based service on 230+ clinical topics small animal only

On campus Go to VetCompanion  or
Off campus

Use  database menu   or 

Find VetCompanion on menu and authenticate with NETID and password

Fricke Revised Evidence Pyramid for Veterinary Medicine: how to evaluate strength of evidence

MORE About VetCompanion

UptoDate is one of the point-of-care services in human medicine that VetCompanion is modeled after it covers 10,000 topics in 22 specialties and is owned by Wolters-Kluwer.

VetCompanion uses Evidence Ratings based on the SORT Taxonomy described in this freely accessible article:  Am Fam Physician. 2004 Feb 1;69(3):548-56.Strength of recommendation taxonomy (SORT): a patient-centered approach to grading evidence in the medical literature. Ebell MH1, Siwek J, Weiss BD, Woolf SH, Susman J, Ewigman B, Bowman M.

For more about SORT and the VetCompanion Methodology, see reviews below.