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Business: SimplyAnalytics: Getting Started

This is a research guide for using SimplyAnalytics database on demographic data mining.

Getting Started


SimplyAnalytics (formerly known as SimplyMap)

SimplyAnalytic is an internet-based mapping application that enables non-technical users to quickly create professional quality thematic maps and reports using extensive demographic, business and marketing data variables.

Our subscription also has the access to the EASI ® Standard Package, which includes data from the year 2000, 2010, Current Estimates, Five Year Projections and the Nielsen Claritas PRIZM® Data Packages.  

The Standard Package incorporates the following data:

Demographic Variables
Retail Sales, Store Groups, and Food Service Variables
EASI Sales and Other Potential Variables
EASI Quality of Life Variables
Consumer Price Index Variables
General Employment (by Place of Work)
General Establishment (by Place of Work)
Detailed Employment (by Place of Work)
Detailed Establishments (by Place of Work)
Detailed Consumer Expenditure Variables
EASI Profile Variables


Most of the data are from EASI (Easy Analytic Software, Inc.) Standard Package.  That includes 2010 and 2000 Census, forthcoming years' estimates and projections, business counts and retail sales categories.  Historical data – the 1980, 1990, and Supplemental Data under the 2008 and 2009 are from Applied Geographic Solutions.  The “points” are from D&B Points of Interest (Dun and Bradstreet). 

SimplyAnalytics is available for use via the library website.  SimplyAnalytics can only be used by 5 searchers at the same time due to academic licensing restrictions. After being connected to the SimplyAnalytics database platform, you have a choice of create your own registered account to save your search results or you can click on "guest" to navigate SimplyAnalytics without saving your search results option.

Is there a limit on downloading the shapefiles from SimplyAnalytics?

SimplyAnalytics does not have any download limits regarding the shapefiles but there are download limits for the appended data. The download limits are the following per individual user: Any combination of locations and variables that equal 524,288 cells per week. Therefore as an example it can be 104,857 locations and 5 variables or 52,428 locations and 10 variables. Annually the limits are 10x the weekly limits.

When you finish using SimplyAnalytics please be sure to close browser allowing another person to access and use SimplyAnalytics.


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