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Scholarly Publishing Toolkit

Scholarly communication support for authors and researchers, with information on Open Access and evaluating publishers.


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Free to Reuse with Credit

Free to Reuse with Credit

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License

You are free to reuse original material on this guide if you credit Rachel Caldwell, University of Tennessee Libraries; however, much of the information on this page comes from other sources. Check the permissions you need to reuse any material that comes from other sources.


The author of this page in not a lawyer and the information provided does not constitute legal advice.

Complying with Funder Policies

Many federal agencies, and an increasing number of private funders, require researchers to make their findings publicly accessible. 

Go to the Public Access Policy Toolkit, created by the Scholarly Communication Librarian and Data Curation Librarian to help researchers with:

  • creating data management plans.
  • depositing data in publicly accessible repositories.
  • depositing articles to publicly accessible repositories.

Please use the toolkit and/or contact the the Data Curation Librarian, Chris Eaker, for help with data plans and data deposits, or the Scholarly Communication Librarian, Rachel Caldwell, for help with article submissions.

Use the Data Management Guides

The Data Management Guide helps researchers with data management plans, tools, and best practices.