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Teresa Berry

Associate Professor & Subject Librarian
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Teresa Berry
Teresa Berry, MSLS
Social Sciences Librarian
UT Libraries
Need help finding what you need for your research? Save time and frustration by contacting me to ask a quick question or to schedule an in-depth consultation. I'm here to help you succeed. Currently, I am the subject librarian for these departments:
  • Chemistry
  • Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
  • Educational Psychology & Counseling
  • Kinesiology, Recreation, & Sport Studies
  • Theory & Practice in Teacher Education

Ways I Can Help
Introduce you to library services and resources.
Answer reference questions.
Recommend the best databases and search strategies for your research topic.
Purchase books and other library materials needed for research and teaching.
Identify and evaluate open access publishing venues.
Teach workshops on effective searching and other information skills.
Create a research guide tailored to a particular class or assignment.

Start Here
Use the guides below to help you get started on your research.

My Guides

Articles & Databases
Last update: Nov 4, 2022 8259 views
Last update: Dec 7, 2022 17 views
Last update: Jan 26, 2023 56 views
Last update: Dec 23, 2022 0 views
Last update: Aug 12, 2022 208 views
Last update: Sep 13, 2022 216 views
Last update: Jan 24, 2023 21 views
Literature Reviews
Last update: Nov 11, 2022 234 views
Last update: Mar 5, 2019 15 views
Newspaper Databases
Last update: Jan 20, 2023 133 views
Last update: Dec 7, 2022 71 views
Last update: Aug 17, 2022 16 views
Last update: May 25, 2021 2 views