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What is PowerNotes?

PowerNotes is a tool to help you save, annotate, organize, and cite sources you access from databases and the Web. PowerNotes helps you take notes on and keep track of your online sources, create a research outline, avoid accidental plagiarism, and more.

You can:

  • Capture online source material: PowerNotes allows students to highlight and file away information to one of their custom topics in a project.
  • Annotate online sources while they read: To add a thought to any highlighted text, students simply type a note, and they don't need to copy/paste in the URL of the site—PowerNotes does this automatically.
  • Organize sources: Highlights, notes, and URLs are saved to custom topics in a project—an organized and accessible way to preserve what students have collected.
  • Download outline and notes: When it’s time to write the paper, students can download their project to Word.

PowerNotes Tutorial


This video guides users through downloading and using the PowerNotes extension, which is an academic research tool.