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Selected web sites and how-to books about working with LaTeX


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Theses and Dissertation Template

Official LaTeX Template from the Graduate School:

For Python / R

For R especially, there is far more to be found in the world on streamlining R with LaTeX-- more specifically in the context of R Markdown. Here we focus on generation of tables, given that is the task people will most often want to simplify when formatting results for publication.


Convenient libraries exist for outputting data in R as LaTeX tables.  The below snippet is an example of the use of xtable package in R:

# last tested on version xtable version 1.8-4.
# install.packages("xtable")
x <- 1:7
y <- 8:14
df <- data.frame(x,y)
print(xtable::xtable(df, type = "latex"), file = "sample_output.tex")


Also there are options for Python such as the LaTeX output features that ships with pandas :

# NOTE: Must include \usepackage{booktabs} in LaTeX file preamble!!!!
import pandas as pd # tested on pandas 1.3.4
df = pd.DataFrame(dict(pet=['Bingo','Whiskers'], species=['dog','cat'],color=['brown','tuxedo']))
with open("outputfile.tex", "w") as f: