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English 198: Chancellor's Honors Writing I

Finding Keywords for Research

To begin with, think about what your keywords really mean, and don't sort them at first. Start by writing down any word you think of associated with the topic.

If you need help with this, there are a couple of places you can go:

  • Credo Reference: a database containing encyclopedias and handbooks to help you with background on your topics
  • or use Wikipedia/Google (make sure not to cite these resources)

After you have as many keywords as you can think of, sort them into categories, or arrange loose associations using a spider map, or other brainstorming tool (try a mindmapping app to begin). 

For context newspaper articles, see ProQuest Historical Newspapers

For more information on keyword development and brainstorming, see the Undergraduate Research and Writing tab/page. 

General Interest Databases

Specific Databases