Data Services: Best Practices

This guide provides information on managing data and obtaining secondary data for research.


This Data Management Guide provides guidance to assist you in the entire research and data lifecycle of your projects. Select the topic you are interested in learning about

  1. Planning for effective data management

  2. Data types and formats

  3. Data documentation and metadata

  4. File naming and organization

  5. Back up and security

  6. Processing and analysis

  7. Archiving and preservation

  8. Sharing data sets

  9. Citing data sets

  10. Database best practices

  11. Ownership and copyright

  12. Integrating other data into your research

The Data Lifecycle

DataONE Data Lifecycle

This graphic identifies the phases data goes through on a typical research project. UTK Libraries staff can assist you with tasks associated with managing data throughout this life cycle. 

DataONE Data Lifecycle