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Consumer Literacy and Responsible Consumption

What is Responsible Consumption?

Responsible consumption, or "voting with your dollar", is the act of purchasing items thoughtfully and with consideration. Some potential areas of responsible consumption include issue and industry based concerns.

Beginning Your Search

  • OneSearch: provides a good variety of sources (such as books, academic journal articles, newspaper articles, etc.) that could assist you in determining a helpful search strategy later in your research. However, this may not be an ideal resource for those needing a more tailored result list.
  • Academic Search Complete: a multi-disciplinary database that can allow for easier targeted searching than OneSearch.
  • Business Source Complete: database focusing on business. Several resources can be found through this database discussing responsible consumption from both the consumer perspective as well as a business/industry perspective.

Information on Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

As said by Alicia Adamczyk in the article Americans rally to support black-owned businesses hit by two crises: "While a one-time order helps--especially as many small businesses struggle from coronavirus shutdowns--it's not enough to combat racism or help black communities in the long run." As interviewed business-owner Danielle Mullen says in the same article "Pay attention and actually care about the cause [...] It's an ongoing thing, and it's the most necessary part of giving."

If you want to support Black-Owned Business, consider the following resources: