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Certified administrative professional test questions

We recieved a request to purchase this book:  Business Communication Today Courtland L. Bovee and John V. Thill  13th ed

It used to be that the UT Libraries kept Certified Administrative Professional study materials for people to use to study for the exam.

That is no longer the case.  Here is the answer I came up with:

"Hi thanks please contact  for the book you need.

The library doesn't buy copies to support this certification, but the Web site above has a way forward.

Good luck on the exam,"

Working with the public


  1. First ask how much time the person has, and then ask where they parked.
  2. Secure parking pass if parked where they can get a ticket.
  3. Always get full name, email, and phone contact information.  Beware of email--members of public may have difficult to type in correctly addresses with funny characters.  Suggest they send you a message to get the communication started.  Beware of limitations of some systems, e.g. knology. 
  4. Conduct thorough reference interview.  If you are not the subject specialist, let them know that and that you will be referring them to him/her.
  5. Establish need-by date and preferred communication.
  6. Call on other librarians for help.
  7. Assure the public we are here to serve all Tennesseans, try to downplay/minimize any parking glitches or other chronic problems at UTK.  The public does not need to know our opinions on parking, etc.

From veterinary medical center waiting areas:  clients in Small Animal Clinical Sciences may be directed to POD and/or Library if they have a long waiting period.  The receiving staff have a map they can give out showing where the POD is from the front desk. 

Messages for UG:



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