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Voter Registration Initiative from UT Libraries

Ways to Register

Register at any UT Library

Pick up a registration form at Hodges Library, Pendergrass Library, Law Library, or DeVine Music Library, fill it out and drop it in the box. We will hand deliver it to the Election Commission so that you do not have to mail it. Librarians and library staff can help you complete your voter registration form any hours that the Hodges Library is open. Visit the main desk at the Melrose entrance (across from Starbucks) to get assistance.


Register Online

You can register online at Tennessee's GoVoteTN website if you have a Tennessee driver's license. If you wish to register in another state, check to see if they allow online registration.


Register by Mail

Download and print Tennessee's voter registration form. Complete it and mail it (you will need a stamp) or you can drop it in the box at Hodges Library main desk.



Register at a Voter Registration Drive

Various student organizations and groups hold voter registration drives on campus, especially in presidential election years. Check the Vols Vote Events page for registration drives on campus.



Register in Person at the Knoxville Election Commission or other TN government agency

If you are registering to vote in Knox County, you can visit the Election Commission Office at the Old Court House, 300 Main St., Suite 218. Phone: 865-215-2480. Hours: 8:00-4:30 Monday - Friday. Find all other Tennessee County Election Commission websites and additional TN government agencies that you can register at.


Where Should College Students Register To Vote?

Students have a choice about where to register to vote.
Students attending college may register at their campus or university town address or choose to remain registered or register at their permanent or home address. However, a person may only be registered at one address.


[This is from Tennessee Secretary of State]

Where do college students register to vote?

Where is your home?

Where you consider your home is where you should register to vote. You can only be registered in one place at a time. You can update your address or home by re-registering.

Below are some factors to consider when determining your residency:

  • You intend to remain at this residence for the foreseeable future.
  • You intend to return there during periods of absence.
  • You have taken actions to make this your place of residence (such as moving your car registration, or driver's license).
  • You can only have one residence.

For a full list of guidelines for determining residency, visit You do not gain or lose residency by going to school away from home. Below are some things to consider for college students who are attending school in a different county or state.

If you consider your school address to be your home, then you should register at that address.

  • If living on campus in a residence hall, your school should have an actual street name and street number as an address.  Your campus mail box or P.O. Box may only be used as your mailing address.
  • Remember to have the correct photo ID. A photo ID issued by the TN state government (i.e. TN driver's license) or federal government (i.e. passport) are accepted even if they are expired. A college student ID or an out-of-state driver's license is NOT a valid photo ID for voting in Tennessee.
  • Note: If you registered to vote by mail and are voting for the first time, you must bring proof of residence for the address of registration. If your photo ID has your current address, you can use the photo ID. However, if your photo ID does not have the current address, you must bring proof of residence (such as voter registration card, utility bill, bank statement or correspondence from the university) when voting.

If you consider where your parents live to be your home, then you should register at that address.

  • Remember that if you registered to vote by mail you will need to vote in person the first election after registering to vote. That means that you will have to travel back to your home county during early voting or on election day.
  • You can request an absentee ballot if you have already voted in person OR if you registered to vote in person. (Registering to vote at the county election commission, driver license office or at certain state agency offices is considered in person registration.


If you consider your home to be in another state, then you should register in that state.

  • Fill out the national mail voter registration form according to that state's guidelines.
  • Make sure you check the laws in that state about early voting or absentee ballot.
  • Go to for more information about voting in other states.


Have You Moved?

If you've moved, you can update your address by re-registering to vote at the new address.